ANNOUNCEMENT – Food Fraud Prevention MOOC at the Food Safety Summit (May 9, 2022)

We are offering our first live, in-person Food Fraud Prevention MOOC program for this year’s Food Safety Summit. It will be held Monday, May 9, 2022, during the pre-conference workshop in Rosemont, Illinois. My co-instructor will be Dr. Roy Fenoff from The Citadel.

Food Fraud Prevention Workshop at the Food Safety Summit

While we’ve hosted many food fraud prevention presentations or sessions at the annual Food Safety Summit over the years, this will be our first food fraud prevention workshop at the event.

Although our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) series is offered online, we are conducting a live, in-person version for this event. We will be covering the same topics found in the online courses, and participants will receive a certificate of completion. The morning will cover the Food Fraud Prevention Overview MOOC and the afternoon will cover the Food Fraud Prevention VACCP Implementation MOOC. In addition, between the sessions we will present new criminology concepts on Intelligence Analysis, Food Document Fraud, and Crime Scene Investigation.

The key learning objectives are:

  • Create a fundamental understanding of food fraud including the compliance requirements focusing primarily on GFSI and related food safety management system standards. Understand how to support detection but to focus on prevention.
  • Expand the prevention activities to include gathering information (intelligence analysis), understanding the enablers of the act (food document fraud), and then conducting a criminology-based incident review (crime scene investigation).
  • Become proficient in conducting a food fraud assessment, including the Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Point Plan (VACCP).

Attendees who complete the program and the assessments will receive a certificate of completion for both the Food Fraud Overview and the VACCP programs.

Educational Advisory Board Member

I’m honored to have been on the Food Safety Summit’s Educational Advisory Board since 2009. The Summit has remained one of the most important North American food safety events. Food fraud is the type of new topic that the advisory board proactively addresses – the food fraud concept was first presented at the 2009 meeting.

Food Safety Summit 2022

The program this year looks fantastic. I have had trouble setting my attendance schedule since there are often two great programs offered at the same time. There is interesting and valuable content from the start of the summit on Monday at 9am until the last session Thursday ending at 530pm. I will be there the entire time and fully immersed.

Whether you are new to food fraud prevention or refreshing your prevention strategy, this is a great opportunity to immerse in the topic. Dr. Fenoff and I are looking forward to engaging with the attendees to provide our insight but also to learn from you who are on the front lines. I hope to see you in our workshop and at the Food Safety Summit 2022.

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