New “Food Fraud 20 Questions” Survey: Food Document Fraud – Concerns and Countermeasures

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION in our latest “Food Fraud 20 Questions” survey on Food Document Fraud – Concerns and Countermeasures. This is an update of our 2016 survey on the topic and is a 5-10 minute online, confidential, anonymous survey. Please participate or forward it to others as you see fit.

Your involvement will contribute to research and reports that help you reduce your “fraud opportunity.”


The food industry accepts a wide range of documents to confirm the identity and source of products bought and sold. The research project based on this survey begins with an analysis of:

  • The documents used in food product transactions
  • The documents that are known or suspected to be fraudulent
  • Best practices or countermeasures

This survey is led by our Food Fraud colleague, Dr. Roy Fenoff. Roy is an Associate Professor in the Criminal Justice Department at The Citadel (the military college of South Carolina). He has experience as a Board-Certified Document Examiner and is a frequent expert witness in courts. Dr. Fenoff is a Michigan State University alumnus who has been collaborating on a wide range of projects, from co-authored articles to standards development activity. Roy has presented our food fraud research globally, including in South Korea, Thailand, Iceland, Malaysia, Greece, and most recently at INTERPOL/ Europol Operation Opson meeting in Portugal.

This “Food Fraud 20 Questions” survey will provide more insight into this emerging and timely subject. Once the project is completed, we will update our free Food Fraud Insight Report (link below.)

Please participate and forward as you see fit.

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