New Food Fraud Episode – Hear My Comments on The Global Safety Podcast, June 29, 2021

New Episode: “Food Fraud” on the Global Safety Podcast, co-presented by Chris Elliott (Queen’s University Belfast – UK), Louise Manning (Royal Agricultural College – UK), and Kimberly Coffin (Lloyds Register – and a Michigan State University Alum and parent!).

Direct link to the recording (or find on your podcast resource): (xx-minutes):

On June 29, 2021 my recent podcast interview was posted by The Global Safety Podcast, presented by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. The Lloyd’s Register Foundation is an independent global charity that is affiliated with Lloyd’s Register (itself a certification, auditing, and training services company).

While the food fraud topic might seem commonplace, this episode went into some interesting new areas. It was a pleasure to discuss emerging issues with experts such as Chris, Louise, and Kimberly.

I found it especially interesting when we were asked about “Whose responsibility is it?” and “What did we learn from the horsemeat scandal?”

This interview is worth a listen.

Reference: Episode 2: Food Fraud, The Global Safety Podcast, presented by Lloyds Register Foundation, hosted by Tom Heap, produced by the UK Fresh Air production company,  (48 minutes):


  • Chris Elliott, Professor, Institute for Global Food Security (Lead for Food Integrity), Queen’s University Belfast (UK)
  • Louise Manning, Professor, Director of Knowledge Exchange, Royal Agricultural University (UK)
  • Kimberly Coffin, Global Technical Director – Supply Chain Assurance, Lloyd’s Register

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