Request for Comments on the GFSI Benchmarking Requirement Version 8 Draft Including Food Fraud

Recently, the GFSI public request for comments on the Version 8 draft was due. While the deadline has passed, if you have significant comments or concerns, you can still submit comments.  To link to the Version 8 draft of GFSI Benchmarking Requirements see:

Key Takeaways

  • Food fraud requirements are not going away! The GFSI Version 8 draft continues to cover food fraud, and there have been expanded clarifications in the Agent/ Broker section.
  • The GFSI Version 8 draft has no food fraud surprises: The GFSI Version 8 draft reinforces the other GFSI food fraud publications, including:
    • GFSI, Global Food Safety Initiative (2018). Food Fraud Technical Document, Tackling Food Fraud through Food Safety Management Systems, May 9, 2018, URL:

  • GFSI, Global Food Safety Initiative. (2014). GFSI Position on Mitigating the Public Health Risk of Food Fraud, Global Food Safety Initiative, Consumer Goods Forum, July 24, 2014, URL:

Key Recommendations

Our food fraud prevention public comment summary is below, and the full submission can be reviewed at this URL:

Quote from our food fraud prevention summary:

May 14, 2019

To: GFSI Version 8 Draft Review Team, [email protected]

Review and Public comments on the GFSI Public Consultation on Benchmarking Requirements DRAFT Version 8 – Public Comments

We are pleased to participate in the GFSI review process. Attached you will find our comments and recommendations.

  1. Scope: The new numbering system is helpful, and it is efficient to be consistent with ISO 22000.
  2. Scope: It is efficient that the topic numbers are consistent through all the sections. Food Fraud is Topic Number 8.
  3. Glossary – Recommendation: add terms for food defence that match food fraud expanding from just the food defence definition also to include food defence threat.
    1. Section Recommendation: In the sections, we recommend adding to the “Clause Name/ Requirement” a header in the “Requirement” cell. See details below. For example, changing “A food fraud vulnerability: an assessment procedure shall…” to “Food fraud vulnerability assessment: A food fraud vulnerability: an assessment procedure shall…”

Take time to review the GFSI Guidance Document Version 8, or at least review our summary. Take part in the process to have your input considered. You probably have specific insight or concern, and now is the time for you to make your maximum impact on driving the process. If you are in the food industry in any way, you will probably be complying with this system. Take the time to help shape your own future.

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