Request for Comments on the GFSI Guidance Document Issue 7 including Food Fraud (due 2/19/2016)

Three days ago on February 8th GFSI issued a public request for comments on the new Guidance Document Issue 7 including new Food Fraud requirements. It is open until February 19th. Instructions and links to provide comments are included below.

Both FSMA and now the GFSI require food producers and distributors to address Food Fraud, particularly economically motivated frauds that can cause food safety hazards. There are four new Food Fraud clauses that are included in all thirteen GFSI sections. Addressing Food Fraud is not optional. For FSMA, and now GFSI, to address all economically motivated food safety hazards, addressing all types of Food fraud is not optional.

A Food Fraud Insight Report was created to review GFSI Issue 7 (see this link:)

Here is the publicly available link to the GFSI documents and the Request for Comments:

Take time to review the GFSI Guidance Document Issue 7, or at least review our summary. Take part in the process to have your input considered. You probably have specific insight or concern and now is the time for you to make your maximum impact to drive the process. If you are in the food industry in any way you will probably be complying with this system. Take the time to help shape your own future. FFI

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