NEW EVENT: Live, Scheduled, Online MoocLive “Webinar B” – Food Fraud Supply Chain Management/ Procurement and Food Fraud Audit Guide Courses

Our Food Fraud Prevention Supply Chain Management & Procurement MOOC and our Food Fraud Audit Guide MOOC will be combined and offered as a live, scheduled, online webinar – MoocLive. The live lectures will include interactive discussions and a Food Fraud Trends Update summary. Attendees will receive a pre-event survey to help shape the content and the live lectures, and they will also receive a one-on-one virtual “office hours” meeting session to discuss any questions.

The MOOC programs originally started in 2013 as live, online lectures. To increase the availability of the growing catalog of courses, in 2019 the programs shifted to a recorded, on-demand format.

Recently, we have had requests for the full MOOC program catalog to also be offered live, scheduled, and online. In part, some people told us that they’ve wanted to complete the on-demand training, but it was hard to schedule the activity. These new scheduled webinars are often easier to complete since they are set dates and times. In addition, the live lectures are more interactive and informative for attendees, who can ask questions during the discussions.

The seven current Food Fraud Prevention Academy MOOC programs will now also be presented in a series of four MoocLive webinars.

Whether it is for you, members of your team, members of other teams at your company, or your suppliers, please feel free to forward this announcement and a recommendation.

This second MoocLive Webinar (“Webinar B”) combines the Supply Chain Management & Procurement MOOC and the Food Fraud Audit Guide MOOC.

Details and registration for the March session:

Attendees will receive certificates of completion for both MOOC programs.

Each registration also includes an optional half-hour virtual “office hours” meeting to discuss questions.

The other MoocLive webinars in the series will be scheduled and announced in the coming weeks.

Takeaway Points

  • The current online MOOC programs are available on-demand, but sometimes it can be challenging to make the time. The live versions of the programs can help by creating a scheduled commitment.
  • The live, online webinars allow for real-time, immediate questions. In addition, the students receive the option to schedule a 1-1 virtual “office hours” to discuss issues and questions.
  • Whether you are new to the topic or you have been working on food fraud prevention for years, it is always good to keep your training current. There may be areas of food fraud prevention that you might not have considered yet!
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